The Benefits of a Regular Battery Service

The Benefits of a Regular Battery Service

A car’s battery is the unsung hero of any European vehicle or any vehicle for that matter, we all know the importance of a regular engine service and oil change and the safety importance of changing and rotation of wheels and tyres, though without the battery, your car’s engine won’t even start and wheels and tyres won’t turn. 

Oftentimes, there is very little warning of battery failure and very subtle signs with the battery failing at the most inconvenient time. Have you ever been in a rush to get out the door, perhaps running late for a meeting or commitment, you jump in your ride and go to start the engine and it doesn’t start…no sound, no dashboard lights, nothing? Or been in a shopping centre car park as your parking is about to expire and as you go to leave and start your car once again, nothing…no sound, no dashboard lights, and being stuck with the frustrations of having to pay for extra parking and wait for a mobile mechanic all the while that tub of ice cream you bought begins to melt.

At VAR Automotive we believe that having your car’s battery regularly inspected and serviced and car battery repair undertaken or car battery replacement before it’s life ends can save you these avoidable inconveniences. We believe that none of our regular and loyal customers should have to suffer the troubles of a dead battery. Let us have a look at some of the more common reasons of battery failure and premature death and explore the benefits of having a regular battery check at VAR Automotive.

Common Causes of Battery Failure

Batteries have a lifespan and as with all good things this will ultimately come to an end with the average battery life ranging between 3 to 4 years under normal conditions, with a number of factors that may accelerate the decline in life of your battery and require car battery repairs or a premature car battery replacement.

Incorrect Battery Size and Output

Having the incorrect battery fitted for the type and energy needs of your vehicle can lead to early battery failure and need a car battery replacement and a host of other potential problems. Having a battery fitted that is too large and powerful can potentially cause electrical currents that are too strong and lead to power surges throughout the vehicle that will most likely damage fuses and in a worst case scenario damage the on-board computer. Having a battery that is too small and not powerful enough for your vehicle will lead to poorer overall performance as the battery is unable to keep up with the power requirements of the vehicle and the battery will have a shorter lifespan.

At VAR Automotive we strive to ensure that only the correct size battery with an output level that is right for your vehicle will be fitted and we will replace any battery that is either too small or large.


Neglecting to have your car’s battery serviced or car battery repaired on a regular basis and things such as a failure to maintain fluid levels will lead to a significantly shorter battery life, as will exposure to extreme weather elements.


Not only is your car’s battery used to start the engine and assist in keeping it running, the battery is responsible for powering a whole range of components including headlights, the radio, indicator, brake lights, and any in-car entertainment systems such as DVD players and speakers. Over-use of these components can lead to significant battery drainage and shortening of its life, and needing a car battery replacement, especially if you are using these components without the engine running, sitting in your car with the air conditioning on and listening to the radio without the engine running is a sure way to end up with a flat battery.

Physical damage

Physical damage to the battery can lead to a significantly shorter battery lifespan and requiring car battery repair or car battery replacement, this includes things such as incorrect battery fitment and the incorrect handling and storage of batteries can cause damage which will lead to a shorter battery life. At VAR Automotive all of our mechanics are fully trained in the correct procedures for fitting batteries as well as the correct methods for storage and handling to ensure that no damage occurs.


Under-charging of your car’s battery can be caused by short journeys and stop start driving such as in Sydney traffic and will not give the alternator enough time to fully charge the battery. As the battery output exceeds input the obvious will occur and will ultimately need a car battery repair or car battery replacement. As part of our battery service at VAR Automotive we will test the electrical output of your alternator and check for any voltage drops to ensure that your battery is not under-charging.


Over-charging of your car’s battery can occur when the alternator is incorrectly set or there is an issue with the voltage controls of the alternator, with this having the potential to turn into a much more serious issue if this leads to overheating of the battery and may cause internal components to heat and swell due to excessive pressure. At VAR Automotive we will ensure that your battery is not over-charging and if we find that this is the case we will look at the cause and corrective actions such as replacing an alternator if required.


Battery sulfation occurs when your car’s battery is deprived of a full charge and remains in a discharged state for an extended period of time. A common occurrence of this is in vehicle’s that are rarely driven or have large gaps of time elapsing between when they are driven. If you have a car that is rarely driven or perhaps a hobby car that is kept in storage or only driven rarely on special occasions it is important to have the battery regularly checked.

VAR Battery Services

At VAR Automotive we offer a full range of battery diagnostics services including a full car battery replacement when required using only the highest quality Bosch batteries which remain as a symbol of reliability, quality and innovation.

Our car battery service includes;

  • Testing of all of your vehicles starting and charging system components
  • Using testing equipment to check cranking amp capacity of the battery
  • Testing the electrical draw of the starter
  • Testing the electrical output of the alternator
  • Testing the voltage drop

Our car battery replacement service includes;

  • Visual inspection of the battery
  • Utilising test equipment to check cranking amp capacity of the battery
  • Removing the old battery and replacing with a new high quality Bosch battery
  • Carrying out all re-settling procedures as required
  • Testing the charge rate and checking for voltage drops


With your car’s battery life being finite as opposed to infinite and the harsh reality of driving in Sydney traffic, it is important to have your battery regularly inspected and serviced and replaced before the subtle warnings signs that the end may be near. Having your car’s battery optimally performing to the level required for your vehicle will help prevent unwanted damage that can be expensive and can save you the time and hassle of incurring a flat battery at the most inconvenient of times, give us a call today or fill out a contact form and let us take care of your car battery repair or car battery replacement in Sydney.