A Summer Car Wash in Vaucluse

A Summer Car Wash in Vaucluse

Summer is nearly upon us and what better way to enjoy the fresh air and warm days than cruising through the streets of the Eastern Suburbs showing off your luxury European vehicle such as a Mercedes C43 AMG to all that can see and feel like the king or queen of the road. Showing off your luxury ride without it being blindingly shiny and clean from tyre to roof and from bumper to bumper would be nothing less than an embarrassment. The easiest way to ensure that your ride is shining everywhere is as easy as simply visiting the best Vaucluse car wash and letting the professionals make your ride glow on the inside and shine on the outside.

Other than making you look the part on the road, having a squeaky clean and decluttered car will leave you with a clean and decluttered mind, bringing on even more positive emotions about your luxury ride as you admire your pride and joy, along with this there are a number of other benefits of having a clean car in the summer. Read on to find out more

The Benefits of A Clean Car

There are a number of benefits of having a squeaky clean luxury ride in the summer, so let us look at some of these benefits.

Confidence And Pride

To feel like the King or Queen of the roads when cruising through the Eastern Suburbs in your luxury ride, your confidence and pride is paramount and you won’t be feeling confident if you are driving around in a dull dirty vehicle. As you would shower and put on your best clothes to look and feel your best and confident to show off your best side when going out to a fancy event, your luxury ride is no different in making you feel your best self. At VAR Automotive we can’t shower for you or put your best clothes on, however we can make your luxury car look its absolute best ]with the best car wash in Vaucluse and the Eastern Suburbs.

Protecting Your Asset

This is a more obvious one, however keeping your luxury vehicle constantly clean on the interior and exterior will help prevent damage such as rust, fading paint and scratches, all of which can cause more damage over the longer term and devalue your ride when it comes time to say farewell. Not only can we help you protect your asset at VAR Automotive, with our regular premium hand car washes, when it comes time to say farewell to your ride we can help you do this profitably and easily with our car sales team.

Staying Safe

As your luxury ride accumulates dust, dirt and debris this can become hazardous over time especially as mirrors, windows, and headlights can easily build up with dirt and debris causing limited visibility and more wear and tear on items such as windscreen wipers. Dirt and other debris that will build up on brake pads and tyres from constant braking in Sydney traffic can cause damage to the braking system which is not only a hazard, however, require more regular brake servicing to ensure your safety. The simplest way to prevent these problems from occurring is through regular prestige hand car washing such as those offered by by VAR Automotive.

Prevents Illness

This is perhaps one of the less obvious benefits of regular car washes, however as dust, dirt and grime can build on the surface of your luxury ride if it is not regularly cleaned affecting the health of your ride, this can also have a negative impact on your own health. As dust builds up inside your vehicle and circulates throughout, this can have a negative impact on your lungs and throat as you breathe in these dirty particles. Not only does dust accumulate on the inside of your ride, however dirt will also accumulate on the outside of your car on places such as door handles. Think about how many times you may touch these during a day and then touch your steering wheel and transfer all the dirt there. Regular cleaning and detailing will not only have health benefits for your luxury ride, however will have health benefits for you as well.

VAR Services

At VAR Automotive we have a specialist team of expert car washers who will clean your car to perfection and are arguably the best car wash in Sydney leaving your luxury ride spotless and covering every detail and best of all is with every logbook service you can enjoy a complimentary car wash.

Our expert prestige car washing and detailing team at VAR offer the below services to ensure that your luxury ride is shining and squeaky clean for summer.

Outside Wash – shampoo, wash, chamois dry, wheels clean, tyres shine $25 $30 $35
Interior Clean – vacuum interior and boot, clean all vinyl, leather, dashboard and middle console, clean all windows inside and out $30 $35 $40
Standard Wash – outside wash + interior clean $45 $50 $55
VIP Wash (Wax & Polish) – standard wash + clay to smooth car body, small rubber marks removed, liquid wax polish to protect & keep car condition – 1-2 h $125 $135 $155
Interior Detail – standard wash + clean seats, headrests, floor, floor mats, boot, brush clean roof lining, add leather protection – 4-5 h $250 $350 $400
Exterior Detail – standard wash + machine wool buff, machine sponge buff, paste wax, engine bay wash & shine – 4-5 h $300 $350 $400
Mini Detail – standard wash + clay car body, use paste wax for long lasting protection, spot mark removal from interior, deep clean all floor mats – 4-6 h $350 $450 $550
Full Detail – interior detail + exterior detail – 7-8 h $500 $650 $750

To enjoy the warm summer weather and feel like the king or queen of the roads in The Eastern Suburbs don’t hesitate to contact us and spoil your luxury ride with the best car wash in Sydney.