The Benefits of Independent Logbook Servicing

The Benefits of Independent Logbook Servicing

What is a Logbook Service

A logbook service is a scheduled service that is predetermined by vehicle manufacturers with each make and model that is assembled, distributed and sold. Often a logbook service in Sydney will be scheduled at certain time intervals or kilometers intervals and will require servicing or replacing various parts and components based on each interval. For example, as part of a logbook servicing schedule it may be required that sparks plugs are replaced at 120,000 kilometers, or having a timing belt replaced at 150,000 kilometers, and an initial lubrication servicing perhaps occurring at only 3,000 kilometers.

Logbook servicing is crucial to keep your car running at optimal peak performance and possibly preventing excess mechanical wear and tear that leads to damage and potential breakdowns. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of ensuring that your car is serviced as per the logbook schedule, the benefits of independent logbook servicing as opposed to dealer logbook servicing, and why the professional team at VAR Automotive should be your first choice when it comes to a logbook service in the Eastern Suburbs for your luxury European vehicle.

Changes to Consumer Law

Changes to consumers laws made in 2010 were at the benefit of independent mechanics and detriment of manufacturer dealerships as these laws confirmed that the consumer had the right of choice for licensed independent mechanics to perform logbook servicing in Sydney without having to worry about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. This was obviously a blow to many dealerships who often have high overhead costs and as such, when they sell a vehicle they will try to lock the purchaser into a maintenance contract to ensure repeat business and a way of making further money from the initial sale. 

The way in which many dealerships would previously do this is through logbook servicing in The Eastern Suburbs and with the threat that if the consumer undertook servicing at an independent mechanic that was not certified by the dealership this would invalidate the logbook servicing requirements and in turn this would void any manufacturer warranty on the vehicle, and as such this would leave the consumer with very little choice, either go back to the dealership for servicing or risk not being covered by warranty if something was to go wrong.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

As with many other products that are sold, cars are sold with a warranty that covers a certain time period for specific types of damage that may be incurred or manufacturer faults that may occur, with more times than not in order not to void this warranty a condition is that logbook servicing is maintained. According to NSW Fair Trading “To keep your motor vehicle in top condition and to avoid the possibility of breakdown or expensive repairs in the future, you should follow the maintenance schedule. If the vehicle is still under warranty and you don’t have it serviced to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, you may void your warranty. As long as the service is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, any licensed repairer can do it, not just the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle.” 

Why Independent is Better

Even though it is approved by law, many dealerships would prefer that a buyer is not aware of their choice of undertaking independent logbook servicing in The Eastern Suburbs without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. At VAR Automotive, our fully qualified and licensed technicians are able to carry out scheduled logbook servicing using only genuine or quality guaranteed new parts. There are other benefits of having your new vehicle serviced with VAR.

Bigger Savings

Have you had the experience of dropping your car off at a dealership and being surprised by the high cost for the basic service and associated replacement parts to maintain your logbook? If you have not had this experience then you are one of the lucky ones, or a VAR customer. Oftentimes dealerships will charge an absolute premium for a basic service and genuine replacement parts when an independent service offering will provide a better service for much less of the cost.

Friendly Personalised Service

With dealerships often being quite large, with so many vehicles to service and the lock-in guarantee from logbook servicing in Sydney, they can afford to have a much less personalised approach to customer service where you are more likely to be treated as a number than a person. If you happen to buy new vehicles on a regular basis, this may mean that for two years you could potentially be visiting a BMW dealership for servicing and then for two years after that potentially visiting a Mercedes dealership for servicing. 

With independent dealerships, there is the opportunity to maintain relationships over a much longer period of time and to actually get to know the mechanic who will be regularly servicing and working on your vehicle regardless of the make and model. This can make the overall experience much better.

Independent Servicing at VAR

With 30 years of experience operating in Vaucluse and servicing too many makes and models of vehicles to name, VAR are experts at servicing European and luxury vehicles. With all new vehicles that are serviced at VAR there will not be an effect on the new car warranty as our licensed and trained technicians look for wear and tear and will replace any components as per the manufacturer’s logbook requirements.

Regardless of make or model, our expert team of professionals will carry out your logbook car service in The Eastern Suburbs, stamp your logbook, and then store all of the service details and specifics in our electronic database for future reference for the next time we see you. Don’t forget that we offer a complimentary car wash with every logbook service and for convenience we can provide a courtesy car and even have the option of a pick up and drop off service.