The Importance of a Pink Slip Inspections

The Importance of a Pink Slip Inspections

What is a Pink Slip

In NSW it is a legal requirement for all vehicles more than 5 years old to undergo a safety inspection every 12 months, which is known as a pink slip inspection or Safety Check. A pink slip inspection is a basic maintenance check that ensures your vehicle meets certain safety criteria and is deemed to be roadworthy. 

At VAR Automotive, we are an RMS Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) and undertake numerous pink slip inspections in the Eastern Suburbs on a daily basis. With our knowledge and expertise, let us share with you as to why pink slips in NSW are important, what is involved in an Safety Check Inspection and why it is best to not be caught driving without a valid pink slip in NSW.

Why Are Pink Slips Important

Pink Slips and e-safety inspections are important in ensuring that the vehicle of every road user in NSW meets the same basic safety criteria, meaning safer roads for all road users including drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. This gives peace of mind to road users who know that there are less likely to be other vehicles on the road with mechanical problems that could become a safety issue or cause harm for them or their passengers in the event of an accident.

What is Involved During a Pink Slip Inspection

During a pink slip inspection, your RMS authorised technician will check a number of areas of your vehicle looking for anything that could potentially have a negative impact on road safety. This check will involve a number of visual and physical inspection which will include checking;

  • Tyre quality and tread depth – these will be checked for evenness of wear, punctures and visible damage and to ensure there is enough tread on the tyres so they can function properly.
  • Vehicle body condition – the body will be checked for any signs of damage or sharp edges that could cause further injury in the event of an accident. This includes rust, broken and loose panels among other items.
  • Working electrics and lights – indicator lights, brake lights and headlights will be checked to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Seat Belts – these will be checked to ensure that they lock into position under certain speed and force and that there are no visible signs of damage.
  • Engine and driveline and fluid leaks – fluid levels such as brake fluid and radiator fluid will be checked to ensure that there are no major leaks that can reduce vehicle safety.
  • Brake efficiency: brakes will be checked to ensure that they meet a specified criteria at being able to stop in a certain distance at a certain speed, as well as being inspected for any damage or rust.
  • Windscreen wipers – will be checked to ensure that they are clearing water off the windscreen to maintain visibility and that the water jets are working. 

In addition to the visual checks by our authorised inspectors, your vehicle will be checked on our state-of-the-art diagnostic machine “Safe-T-Stop”. It is an electronically accurate PlateTronic® equipment approved by RMS, which not only checks the braking system, but also the suspension and much more. It is a test you can trust, and you will even get a printout of the vehicle’s performance.

If any of the inspected items during a pink slip inspection are not up to standard and failed, this will require the issue to be rectified prior to a re-inspection taking place.If any of these items are not up to standard, the mechanic will fail your vehicle. This means that you will need to make repairs before your vehicle can be legally driven on the road again.

Other Registration Tips

There are a few other tips that will ensure your pink slip service in the Eastern Suburbs will go as smoothly as possible, with less potential for failed items and other tips throughout the registration process.

How much does a pink slip inspection cost?

How much does a pink slip inspection cost? This is a common question and the answer is that the cost of a pink slip inspection is standardised across NSW, however will vary depending on the type of vehicle in which you require an inspection for. The below tables summarise the different classes of vehicle and the costs associated with each;

Inspection typeTotal fee (inc. GST)
Light vehicle$42
Trailer without brakes$22
Trailer with brakes$33

Failed Safety Checks

If your vehicle fails a safety check, you need to make the repairs before you can renew registration. If you complete the repairs within 14 days and take the vehicle to be reassessed at the same authorised inspection station, no extra inspection fees apply. If you repair the vehicle after the 14 day period ends, you need to pay another inspection fee. Once the repairs have been made and your vehicle passes the safety check, you can renew your registration online.


The fine in NSW for driving an unregistered vehicle that has not passed a pink slip inspection in the required time is $1,487 and a loss of 4 demerit points. With the high-tech number plate detection cameras on every highway patrol car in NSW (which detects unregistered vehicles), it is not advisable to try your luck in driving a vehicle that has not passed inspection. 

In addition to this this there are a number of fines in place if you happen to be caught driving with a failed e-safety inspection item (this is regardless of whether you still have valid registration), for example brake lights not working, indicator lights not working and not having sufficient tyre tread are just a few examples.

Valid CTP Policy

Prior to being able to re-register your vehicle with the NSW RMS, you will need to have an up-to-date comprehensive third party (CTP) insurance policy. This policy covers medical costs to individuals (other than the driver) who are injured in the event of an accident, including passengers and pedestrians. Once you have a valid CTP policy in place and have passed the pink slip service in the Eastern Suburbs you will be able to renew your registration.

How to Prepare For Your Safety Check Inspection

There are a few things you can do to make sure your vehicle is ready for a pink slip inspection. Firstly, check your tyre pressure and tread depth. Secondly, make sure all of your lights are working properly. Thirdly, ensure that your windscreen wipers are in good condition. Fourthly, give your car a good clean inside and out – this will help your authorised inspector to spot potential problems more easily. Lastly, if you are aware of any reason why your vehicle might fail inspection, let your authorised inspector know as these can often be rectified and save the time of failing an inspection.


If you’re in need of a pink slip inspection in the Eastern Suburbs, don’t risk letting yourself get caught out and potentially paying the price for driving an unregistered vehicle. Contact us at VAR Automotive and as an authorised inspection station we will carry out your inspection without hassle so you can continue enjoying the roads.